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Burrito Joe

Mexican Catering Stratford

Whether it’s a Friday celebration or an evening awards celebration, Burrito Joe has now grown expansively to provide corporate event catering services. We provide a formal, yet fun service that is designed to make the day or evening memorable.

Our Michelin-trained chefs take pride in delivering the authentic taste of Mexico through hand-crafted burritos, tacos and quesadillas. Corporate parties are a time for your guests to enjoy themselves.

And that’s why we introduce an interactive engaging experience by making the food in front of your guests. With fresh ingredients and tasty spices and sauces, you are free to build your favourite dishes, and you get to see them freshly prepared in front of you.

In need of Mexican Catering in Stratford? Burrito Joe will be there to facilitate the catering needs of each and every attendee.

All dishes will be presented formally, therefore you can choose between offering an interactive experience or allowing your guests freedom to pick out their favourite meals and sides as of when they wish.

Our capabilities extend as far as accommodating hundreds of guests, preparing fresh burritos, tacos and quesadillas ready to serve to complete your day or evening. We can accommodate both vegetarian and meat options, providing additional rice-boxes, tapas and even seafood to ensure that we can fully meet your requirements.

What we taco ’bout

The best, professionally prepared Mexican cuisine for corporate events and functions.

Not only do we cater for evening corporate parties, but we can also deliver your orders to offices, feeding the office on a special day. We can accommodate large numbers of orders, bringing hot, freshly cooked dishes to your business, each stuffed with flavoursome fillings and spices – and we’re not joking when we say that they’re filled with them. Burrito Joe exists to bring the flavours and colour of Mexico to London by creating authentic Mexican and Spanish recipes that offer juicy flavours with every bite.

Corporate events and office parties are a big deal, you want to provide a great day (or night) that everyone will rage about. Burrito Joe is here to ensure that the food reflects your exact requirements, providing an authentic taste that is popular across London. We accommodate the Stratford area, providing corporate event catering hire to ensure that parties proceed smoothly and that the food is a hit with all the guests.

Our menus are so diverse that we have something for everyone

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