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Burrito Joe


Are you planning a themed party? A garden/summer celebration? Or hosting a festival? Burrito Joe is an authentic, fun catering service creating freshly handmade, Mexican and Spanish foods that everyone can enjoy. We use traditional flavours and fillings, stuffing our burritos, tacos and quesadillas to the brim so that your guests enjoy every mouthful. Burrito Joe is a favourite catering service for Mexican and Spanish cuisine, that’s because we put our heart and soul into delivering a traditional, enjoyable experience that accommodates any party or festival. Our chefs hand-prepare the food in front of you, allowing you to see us fill your burritos and tacos with your preferred filling choices and handing them to you hot and fresh.

Holy Guacamole


We understand that hosting or planning a party or event can be stressful; however we take care of all aspects of the catering service. We follow our client’s requirements to ensure that we provide the. Most attentive and memorable service, as well as serving quality food that brings you the taste of Mexico.

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Be a guac-star


We can accommodate a ‘buffet-style’, providing ‘finger-food’ that your guests can dive into to achieve the full Mexican-Spanish experience. Burrito Joe offers a beautiful range of tapas selections, each bursting with flavour and seasoning, so much that you can’t help but go for another. Each of our chefs are skilled and experienced in the preparation of authentic Mexican and Spanish food right down to the starters. We can facilitate meat options as well as vegetarian and vegan options to ensure that we meet the expectations of all of your guests. Our team are here to provide an exceptional catering service at your party, ensuring that it’s an unforgettable and inviting experience for all of your guests. We provide an attentive service that aims for second-to-none quality throughout the day, consistently providing a traditional, colourful presentation of foods and tapas to complete your day or evening.

If you are looking for a Mexican/Spanish cuisine to complete your event or party, Burrito Joe is available to serve the London area, bringing authentic, delicious dishes to your garden or event grounds. Not only can you expect the best quality food for the best, competitive price, but our caterers will also see to ensure that every one of your guests has the best experience.

Let’s taco ’bout it


Burrito Joe can cater for large private parties and events as well as cater for smaller, garden and summer parties. With Burrito Joe, you can expect a courteous service that adheres to your parties requirements and exists to meet the needs of all your attendees. For more information, please get in touch.

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