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Burrito Joe

We serve authentic Spanish dishes to events across Stratford.

Planning an important event, party or wedding? Well, you will need the perfect food to feed your guests. How about a great tasting selection of paella dishes? At Burrito Joe we take care of cooking up traditional, tasty paellas and serving them at your events.

With professional chefs trained in the preparation of real Spanish food, you can count on our paella to be rich in flavour and spice. Paella is a tasty dish that can be appreciated by everyone, right down to the pickiest of eaters.

With flavoursome rice, toppings and spices, you get a taste of Spanish cuisine in a hot, freshly prepared paella. Based near Stratford, we cater to both small and large events across the area, delivering impeccable food and of course unbeatable service.

Spain is full of fun and flavour. And that’ shawl we put into all of our dishes, ensuring that we perfectly capture the taste of authentic Spanish cuisine. Our fresh paella mixes all of these flavours, creating a sensational bite every-time.

And we are not joking when we say we fill the dishes! All our paellas are stuffed full with fresh ingredients and rice, creating the perfect dish for all of your guests to dig into. Your guests will never go hungry!

If you wanted to make a lasting impression with your catering services, allow Burrito Joe to help make that happen.

Searching for the perfect catering service for your event in Stratford? Traditional paella is the perfect food to present to the many!

What we taco ’bout

Our catering is full of flavour and full of fun.

At the end of the day, you want a caterer that will be great with your clients and or guests and provide food that is exceptionally tasty. Lucky for you, this is exactly what burrito Joe can provide.

We provide several different paella dishes allowing us to cater for individual preferences. The different paella options we provide include:

  • Chicken and chorizo
  • Chicken and seafood
  • Fish and seafood
  • Vegetarian

Our caterers ensure that everyone is having a good time, providing a fun interactive experience to ensure that guests not only receive great food but feel welcome. If you are considering or planning an event in Stratford, then you can entrust Burrito Joe to provide the utmost attentive service.

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