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Burrito Joe

Great-tasting authentic paella for your corporate parties in Tower Hill.

Paella is a beautiful-tasting dish that typically consists of fresh paella rice, and an assortment of seafood and vegetables that combine to make tangy, lovely flavours.

When you’re running an event, one of the hardest things to think of is what to feed your guests. At Burrito Joe we offer a complete paella catering service, providing an array of great-tasting paella dishes that can accommodate both meat and vegetarian preferences.

With a plentiful layout of paella platters to dig into, we can feed as many people as you need, ensuring that no-one is left hungry before or after the main event of the day or night.

Corporate functions are important, whether you’re celebrating a successful win, a birthday or hosting general celebrations, it’s a big thing for your company and you want everything to go smoothly.

Luckily we take care of the catering, offering a fully comprehensive service inclusive of professionals chefs, homemade paella and courteous, dedicated service.

What we taco ’bout

Enthusiastic caterers cooking up authentic paella to complement your Spanish-themed parties.

We offer a different variety of paella dishes, including:

  • Chicken & Chorizo
  • Chicken & Seafood
  • Fish & Seafood
  • Vegetarian

Each dish is made fresh on the day, using only the best quality unprocessed ingredients. With the inclusion of Spanish spices, tasty vegetables and meats, you can count on us to deliver.

Our service is second to none with ensuring that all customers are individually catered for promptly. We cater for all food preferences, further making sure that all of your customers feel considered with catering choices.

We specialise in creating home-made recipes that infuse the powerful, tasty flavours of Spanish cuisine so that we can bring the traditional flavours of the country straight to your parties.

Burrito Joe will work with you to ensure that we work around your event, delivering the food at the correct time and swiftly clearing up the venue after everyone has finished eating.

We provide a clean and dedicated service, ensuring that corporate parties and events in and around Tower Hill experience the best paella catering service.

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