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Creating a Spanish theme includes mixing together bright and bold colours, fun entertainment and above all – great-tasting food.

We’re all about Spain, we know how much heart and soul goes into their preparation of food, but also how they create fun and colourful fiestas.

If you’ve landed on this page, you’re keen to know how to make your Spanish-themed party a success. Well, we here will be talking to you about getting the food right.

If you’re going to follow this theme, you want to make sure that you go all out. That means feeding your friends, family or guests with freshly prepared Spanish cuisine.

So what food is included in a successful Spanish celebration?

Blow them away with tasty meat tapas.

This something for the lovers of meat. Spanish cuisine features a lot of spicy, tasty meat dishes that are the perfect start to a fantastic feast.

With serrano ham right through to delicious chorizo, servicing your guests a delightful choice of tasty tapas is the perfect way to get the guests hungry, for more.

Spanish cuisine frequently includes a range of delicate yet great tasting meat choices. Want to keep your guests excited for the main course? Throw some tapa sin the mix.

Don’t forget about other tapas dishes!

If it’s a small party or event, you don’t have to offer a fully-fledged course of food, instead what you could do is offer a plentiful selection of standard, fish and vegetable tapas.

Tapas is an appetiser or snack in Spanish cuisine. Tapas may be served cold or hot, but either way, they pack flavour.

You could offer a beautiful tasting range of bread, olives, omelettes, prawns and garnished peppers. At Burrito Joe we provide a range of traditional tapas, providing a large selection to help you accommodate all of your guests.

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Did we mention sharing platters? If you’re throwing a private or corporate Spanish fiesta, you may want to think about laying out an array of sharing platters and paella dishes.

What paella dishes would keep your guests happy? Maybe a selection of:

  • Chicken and Chorizo
  • Seafood
  • Chicken and Seafood
  • Vegetarian

Got a few guests to feed? A plentiful choice of deep platters full of Spanish flavours and fillings may just be IT.

Make your Spanish event unique, but traditional.

Are you looking to go all out with your Spanish-themed party, wedding or event? Well, you need some canapes!

Canapes are scrumptious snacks of pastry decorated with tasty garnishes and sauces. You can surprise your guests with a beautiful and delicious range of canapes made fresh on the day for your party.

Spain adores canapes, they’re fun and tasty treats for everyone and no Spanish party is complete without them!

The list of canapes you can have is endless, but to give you a quick taster:

  • Mini serrano ham and aspagrus frittata tartelettes.
  • Spicy salmon ceviche and guacamole cones.
  • Chilli, lime and garlic chicken skewers with coriander.

Want a lineup of canapes attending your event? We can help you get that sorted!

Your Spanish themed party is almost complete.

We will help you pull off the best Spanish-themed party in London, by providing the best tasting flavours and Spanish dishes in the city. After all, we are here to bring Spanish cuisine to London, and allow our customers to experience the real, delightful flavours of their traditional cuisine.

Let's get this party started!