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Behind the making of Burrito Joe and their favourite burritos.

Excellent tasting food plays an essential part in our lives; whether you are exploring new restaurants every month or visiting your favourite place daily, there is something that drives us to go and treat ourselves to flavoursome food.

In the heart of London, there is a bustling street food market in Brick’s Lane that accommodates the different cuisines across the world. Stalls are abundant and it’s a highly popular lunchtime retreat. Buritto Joe has a street food stall here, and as a company, we focus on delivering exceptional tasting Mexican and Spanish food.

But where did our choice for this cuisine come from? Well, it initially started when the owners travelled to Mexico. Venturing to the south of North America for a vacation, they soon discovered the authentic flavours and spices of Mexican food.

They developed an immediate passion for the Mexican dishes, with every mouthful offering a colourful taste of complementary spices and fillings. They just had to take these fantastic recipes home, and that’s when they returned to London and started up the first-ever stall.

Initially starting out providing the many in the centre of Brick Lane’s food market, we soon expanded, facilitating the needs of long lunchtime queues and providing further orders for corporate, wedding and party hire.

Our heart and soul goes into the preparation of every single dish; our chefs are Michelin-trained in Mexican cuisine, allowing us to provide the traditional flavours originating back in Mexico. With the owners also having a Spanish upbringing, they also use their home recipes to contribute towards excellent flavoured burritos, tacos and quesadillas.

There is nothing like the taste of true passion, and that’s why we can deliver something come-they different to other vendors. Buritto Joe has chased achieving the authentic taste of tasty Mexican food and succeeded proudly.

Due to our ever-growing popularity, we can now provide for plentiful numbers of guests, whether a private event, fete or wedding. We have the ability to offer a professional, open-kitchen service for all our customers.

We believe that customers should have the best experience, and that’s why we happily prepare and create their favourite burritos and tacos in front of them. You will be able to see our chefs stuff and spice your food with your favourite, fresh ingredients.

I mean what party or get together wouldn’t be better with burritos onsite? Burritos and tacos are perfect for every venue as they can be made to fit your taste, however picky you may be.

Burrito Joe doesn’t just specialise in Mexican food, we also provide that bit extra by serving beautiful Spanish cuisine, bringing a taste of Seville so that everyone has the chance to taste Spain in the midst of London.

To sum ourselves up, we created Burrito Joe from the ground up, aiming to bring Mexico to London and introduce the flavoursome dishes to hungry customers.

Come and meet the team at Brick Lane’s street food market and taste Mexico for yourself!